Thursday, January 7, 2010

Event for January

Saturday, 16 Jan 2010,

Our last speaker was Ms. Ein Lall, a documentary film maker. She talked about "Cinema and the City- the Urban Uncanny" referring to extracts from two German classic films, Berlin: Symphony of a City by Walter Ruttman and "M" by Fritz Lang.

This is an advance notification for January's event.
On 16th of January, 2:00 PM there will be an interactive session on D.E.S.I.G.N with Ms. Manjari Sharma (artist) who has explored creativity through journeys in architecture, sculpture, product design, painting, mixed media and clay.

"I happen to have floated along in life and arrived some place where the boundaries between various professions or various ideologies are melted. What seems to remain is the inter connectedness of everything……A room with a view…. Seems no different from the room, within the view……….."

-Ms. Manjari Sharma

The discussion will be held in the open lawns behind the "Lotus Temple". Everyone is requested to assemble at the arch I camp at 2.00PM sharp. We will have a short presentation and proceed to the lawns from there.

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