Friday, November 13, 2009

Monthly Platform Discussion

Thank you for being a part of the interactive exhibition 'Architecture for Humanity' at India Habitat Centre.

As you are aware, arch I as a vocal platform for architects, designers and other creative minds will organize platform discussions, every second Saturday of the month at 4:00 PM.
This month we will be screening a movie 'I AM GURGOAN: the new urban India' by Marije Meerman at our camp (150, Second Floor, Kailash Hills) followed by discussion and tea on 14 November, Saturday, 4-6 PM. The following is a brief of the movie:

Gurgoan is a satellite city outside of New Delhi. Its shiny facade symbolize India's unparalleled economic growth. Gurgoan was built at the turn of this century by the largest project developers in the world. What was a village 15 years ago has rapidly grown into a city of 1.4 million inhabitants, living in glossy apartment buildings, but with little or no infrastructure. How viable is this new type of city? Residents of the grated communities of this privatized society offer insights in their hopes and desires, and in the new self-confidence of the Indian middle class. Gradually, the consequences of the credit crunch appear. In this model city, the gap between rich and poor is growing, affecting the psyche of its inhabitants. Is Gurgoan a new Ponzi Scheme or the prototype for future mega cities all over India?

Hope to see you again.

arch I
150,Second Floor,
Kailash Hills
New Delhi-110065
Ph: +91-11-41060083
or contact
Apoorv : 9999321976


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