Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spot C : September 2012

13th September 2012, 18.30 Hrs

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About the Speaker
Krishnendu Bose

KRISHNENDU BOSE, set up Earthcare Films, making wildlife and conservation films after acquiring a Masters degree in Economics from Delhi School of Economics (1985).

Harvesting Hunger – a film on the politics of food in India won the Special Jury Award at Okomedia Environment Film Festival in Freiberg, Germany in 2000 and awarded at the EarthVision Environment Film Festival in Tokyo 2001. His last film is on the tiger crisis- Tiger- the death chronicles got the coveted Wildlife Conservation Award at the 4th Vatavaran Film Festival 2007, Delhi and Conservation Award at the International Wildlife Film Festival at Missoula, Montana in 2008. The Latent City, his film in 2009 was showcased at the Indian Panorama, at the International Film Festival of India 2009 and was awarded the Grand Prix, for the best film, in Dokument Art Film Festival, Romania.  He was also awarded the highest award for documentary filmmaking in the field of Environment and Wildlife in India- CMS-UNEP Prithvi Ratna Award in 2009. Krishnendu has produced the first wildlife series for children in India in 2011.

Along with producing films, he has been instrumental in setting up a non profit trust called ECO (Earthcare Outreach Trust) which uses Participatory Video to help young adults and children make visual narratives about themselves and the world around them. He is also involved in conducting sessions on environment education in schools and colleges, using his films as a medium. He is a guest faculty in top communications schools in India like Symbiosis and National School of Design.

Screening of
The Latent City
Delhi. This city is old: 2,500 years old. The city as a palimpsest, layers of accumulated history and memory. The city transforms. The water turns black. The trees turn yellow. The city turns a foggy green. And the poor turn to dust. Dialectics. The city is transforming to become more efficient and modern. A thought emerges. Selected artists from all the world over and India are invited to this city. In its transformative moment. To create art, in the everyday. Eight politically charged spaces are identified to be excavated and transformed by the artists. In heat climbing to 48 degrees Celsius, a reminder of our warming cities. The first public art ecology project in India is shaped, during ten days in December 2008. Cameras whirr and a film re-constructs the art. An attempt is made to record and transcend the imagery. Using snatches of artist conversation, splicing their politics and performance, a video re-presentation is sliced in between the chronicle of the disappearing city. Scattered written words unlock the larger narrative of the city and create a debate around the disabling of publics and public spaces. A film re-surfaces, nudges us to re-examine the latent citizenry. Urges to re-imagine the future of our cities, through the "eye glass" of public art.


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